Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Sandra Basgall


In my practicum position as program coordinator for the Institute for Education on Japan, one of my primary responsibilities has been to oversee Earlham College's Teaching in Japan program. This program sends recent college graduates to rural Japan to teach English in the public school system for two years. These Assistant English Teachers (AETs) are based at their community's board of education office, but spend most of their time at local middle schools assisting the regular English language teachers. I myself am an alumnus of the program. From 1991-1993, I was a member of the local board of education in a small village in northern Japan as a participant in this program. Since I was once an AET, the program participants often come to me seeking advice and guidance as to how to deal with the problems they face working with their Japanese colleagues.


International and Intercultural Communication