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Submissions from 2014

Traveling Through Space: A Look at the Evolution of Transportation in Vietnam and its Implications, Joe Crook , Brandeis University

Culture & Schizophrenia: How the Manifestation of Schizophrenia Symptoms in Hue Reflects Vietnamese Culture, Rebecca Gaines , Hamilton College

Submissions from 2013

Written Journalism in Vietnam, Conor Grant , Middlebury College

Land Law, Land Rights, and Land Reform in Vietnam: A Deeper Look into “Land Grabbing” for Public and Private Development, Kaitlin Hansen , Northwestern University

Large-Scale Urban Planning, Culture & Environment: A Case Study in Saigon South Urban Area, John Kennedy , Hamilton College

Luxury’s Last Frontier: An Analysis of Hanoi Residents’ Perceptions of the Luxury Market in Vietnam, Rachel Schuh , Carleton College

Submissions from 2012

The VACB model in Hòa An Village and Xeo Trâm Hamlet: Comparison and Analysis through a Gendered Lens, Alyssa Bosold , Gettysburg College

Awareness of Type II Diabetes in the Developing World: Case Study in Binh Du’o’ng, Vietnam, Anna Hong Le , Wofford

Vietnam to Việt Kiều and Back: An In‐depth Look at the Relationship Between Overseas Vietnamese and Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Le , Emory University

Effects of Globalization and Tourism on the Commercialization of Hue Royal Cuisine, Helenka Lepkowski Ostrum , Barnard College

Living with Autism in Vietnam, Libie Motchan , Macalester College

Housing and Urbanization: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of Resettlement Projects in Hồ Chí Minh City, Michael J. Stumpf , Brown University

Submissions from 2010

Innovation Education: Problems and Prospects in Governance and Management of the Vietnamese Higher Education System, Taylor Brooks , Emory University

“Real Culture” Preservation, Authenticity, and Change in Hoi An’s Heritage Tourism Industry, Ursula James , Southwestern University

Vietnamese Beauty: Exploring the Definition of Female Beauty in Present Day, Urban Vietnam as Seen Through the Desire for White Skin, Dorie Topolsky , Wheaton College

Submissions from 2009

Forever Home: Funeral, Burial and the Life After This Life in Hue, Vietnam, Molly Bennett , Colby College

Bodhisattvas in the Pagoda and in the World: Socially Engaged Buddhism in Hue, Rachel Cotterman , Oberlin College

Sex Trafficking: Social Constructions and Stereotypes of Recovery in Viet Nam, Linh Huynh , Northwestern University

Rising Buddhism in Vietnam, H. Rebecca Lockwood , Hartwick College

Moving On From the War: The Factors That Influence Contemporary Perceptions of Former Enemies, Erin Martin , Beloit College

The Phoenix, Catherine Jean Pond , Skidmore College

Weathering a Different Kind of Storm: Vietnam's Reaction to Financial Disaster, Rebecca Price , University of the South

Conflicting Loyalties: Changing Roles and Relations of Labor Unions in Vietnam, Jan Slezak , University of New England

“Edutainment”: The Role of Mass Media in the Development of an Effective HIV/AIDS Youth Awareness Campaign in Viet Nam, Carmin Smoot , University of Puget Sound

Changing Chalk and Talk: The Reform of Teaching Methods in Vietnamese Higher Education, Jessica Thompson , George Washington University

Vietnamese Resistence Mentality, Michael Williams , Hamilton College

Submissions from 2008

A Concentrated Look at HIV/AIDS: Transmission to Low Risk Women Through Intravenous Drug Users and Female Sex Workers in Da Nang City, Vietnam, Danielle A. DePeau , Stonehill College

Teaching the War: What the Vietnamese Government Wants Students to Learn About the American-Vietnam War, Alex Joseph , Wellesley College

Submissions from 2006

Migrant Working Children in Ho Chi Minh City: Emerging Trends Between Economic Migrant and Runaway Child Workers, Paige Fern , Georgetown University

The Scholarship of Vietnameseness: The Dialectic of “National Identity” Between Self and Society in Vietnamese Education, Amber North , Northwestern University