Publication Date

Spring 2000


This paper investigates the playing, history and cultural role of the Atenteben family of fipple flutes, and to a larger extent the Odurugya, its brother instrument, and their unique roles as neo-traditional instruments.In order to study the Atenteben,the researcher worked closely with a number of professors at the University of Ghana, Legon, including Ms. Missonu Amu (whose father developed the modern Atenteben),Professor M.A.Opoku (expert and consultant in African dance), Professor Collins (expert on neo-traditional music).The work consisted of a number of interviews and some informal advising. The researcher also interviewed Mr. Joseph Tetter (flute instructor for the Ghana Dance Ensemble), Mr.Yaw Dela Botri (leader of the Hewale Sounds and former member of the Pan African Orchestra), Mr. Danso Abiam (leader of the Pan African Orchestra and Atenteben player on Peter Gabriel's albums), and Mr. Heneku-Pobi (the senior expert on the Atenteben at the U of G, Legon).