Literacy in Development: A Series of Training Manuals

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Master of Arts (MA)


Section One of this paper sets forth the rationale, design and intended use of the training monograph series, "Literacy in Development", which has been commissioned by the International Institute for Adult Literacy Methods in Teheran. The series, which is to be used as the basis for the Institute's future training activities, addresses the needs of middle level literacy workers and treats those operations basic to the conduct of literacy and non-formal education programs.

Section Two summarizes the recommendations of a Panel of Experts meeting which met in Berlin (West) 11-17 July 1975 to consider the monograph series. The meeting had as its general objectives the examination of the role of training in the promotion of non-formal education and the identification of appropriate training strategies and methodologies. The more immediate purpose of the meeting was that of discussing and guiding the development of the series.

Section Three of the paper discusses the future plans for the translation, publication, distribution and testing-in-use of the monograph series.


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