Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Charlie Curry-Smithson


Ketso ea Bua/Action Speakes, or Ketso for short, is a community-based non-governmental organization (NGO) involved in comunity development activities in the rural village of Lekokoaneng, ha Souru in Lesotho. Despite its small size, the association has made significant contributions to the democratization process of local government through its action orientation to problem solving at village level.

It must be recognized that the general parameters which define development in South Africa and Lesotho are one and the same. A connected history binds them through war and peace, the freedom struggle, and the quest for democracy. Both countries have first and third world aspects. The illustrative scope of disparity between geographic and demographic groups are comparable. Because Lesotho is so very dependent upon South Africa, its educational, health, and social standards are similar. Both countries are confronting challenging issues like meeting basic needs, human rights, and economic integration into the global community. They both stand on a new threshold of democratic governance. Currently, an immoderate economic environment confronts moderate people with ill-equipped skills to handle the complexities needed to cope with the rapid socio-economic and political changes of the region.


Agricultural and Resource Economics