First Advisor

Charlie Curry-Smithson


The product is a pre-departure handbook intended for use by students, mostly from universities and colleges in the United States, who have been accepted to the Beaver College Center for Education Abroad (CEA) program in Guadalajara, Mexico. While in Mexico, they will be studying at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG). All students will participate in a mexican-United States Relations Seminar in addition to taking other courses, which may be in the area of Spanish language, or if already proficient in Spanish, regular integrated courses at the university in any available discipline. The purpose of the handbook is to help prepare students, many of whom will be traveling abroad for the first time, for their study abroad program, addressing many of the questions and needs that the students and their parents have.

The handbook, which will be professionally printed with a saddlestitched binding, will be sent to students upon acceptance into the CEA Mexico program, as part of their acceptance packet. The packet also includes an intent-to-enroll form which must be sent back to CEA with a $500 deposit, a housing preference form which will be used to place students with host families, a financial aid arrangements form, Student Travels magazine from Council Travel, and a copy of the rules and regulations of the host institution. In the past, accepted students received "Newsletters" which had some information about preparing to study abroad, but this information was not very comprehensive or detailed. The format was rather uninteresting and was reproduced on a copy machine, which did not create a professional image. It is intended that the pre-departure handbook will replace these newsletters with a manual that is both professional and interesting, enticing the student to read it thoroughly and to participate in the CEA program.


International and Comparative Education