Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Sandra Basgall


This product is a series of three one-hour workshops on cultural sensitivity toward Arab students to be conducted at The ESL Language Center, Washington, D.C. I will conduct the workshops here as a pilot program. If they prove useful, they could be used for teacher-training at up to twenty-three other ESL Language Centers in the U.S. Each workshop has a follow-up which will take place one or two weeks after the workshop during the latter portion of the student review meetings. The time frame will vary depending on each center. There is a separate appendix which corresponds to each workshop. Here, one can find the hand-outs, OHP sheets and articles for distribution to the participants. The purpose of this workshop series is to foster understanding toward our Arab students and contribute to their academic success. Please be advised that this series of workshops is not meant to create sweeping generalizations about the Arab world, nor is its intention to offend. It is at best a taste of what one should know about the complex and intriguing world of Arabs.


Anthropology | Social and Cultural Anthropology