Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Les Long


During my years with World Gospel Mission, Life Ministries, World Vision International and recently, Food for the Hungry International, I have observed the struggles of NGOs and the government in their development work within conflicting situations which will be discussed in this thesis. As a result of these struggles and lack of understanding between the two, many serious concerns about the overall mission of NGOs in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa have been raised. Some of the concerns that have emerged from the government leaders are: NGOs seem to dictate the government development plans while it is the sole responsibility of the government to decide on the country development priorities. This tension raises the question from both NGO/Government leaders- Who should decide on the country development priorities? Section II of this Thesis tries to explain how the issue of development priorities could enhance or hinder NGO/Government relationship.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations