Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


The purpose of this Capstone paper is to present case studies of two organizations and discuss the similar stages of maturity that each of them have experienced. The two corporations to be analyzed are Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. in Waterbury, Vermont and Du Pont Japan Limited in Tokyo. Special focus is placed on my observations from a professional practicum at Ben & Jerry's. An underlying hypothesis throughout this research work is that every corporation goes through various stages of organizational development as it matures, and each stage needs a different combination of managerial skills. Puberty to maturity is particularly challenging because of the special problems which tend to accompany this phase. Globalization is one of them and it can accelerate the growth of a corporation if it is effectively managed, or hinder the growth if not treated as a distinct phenomena. A qualitative research methodology has been used with a large amount of the information having been gathered from the Ben & Jerry's organization during my professional practicum. Further research is based on personal insight and reflections from my 16 years work experience with Du Pont Japan. General concepts of organizational development and globalization are discussed and analyzed for their usefulness in these contexts. Practical approaches to overcoming the fundamental problems relating to corporate adolescence are recommended. Emphasis is placed on the human side of globalization as a phenomenon of organizational maturity.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations