Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Sandra Basgall


This research paper analyzes a case study regarding the impact on participation levels of decentralizing certain aspects of the Canadian Baha'i community's administrative structure. This background section has been written in order to provide the reader with sufficient background information regarding the Baha'i Faith, its teachings, structure, and administrative approaches.

The background section is divided into six sub-sections. The first sub-section provides a brief description of the Baha'i Faith. This summary description is offered merely to provide a brief introduction into a major world religion. A more thorough description of the Baha'i Faith lies beyond the scope of this research paper. The second sub-section describes some pertinent Baha'i administrative structures. The third sub-section introduces several major principles which guide the overall approach to the organization of human affairs provided within the Baha'i model. The fourth sub-section outlines a glossary of terms which may be of assistance to the reader in understanding much of the new vocabulary introduced by the Baha'i Faith.

In chapter one of the thesis, a complete description of the research paper is provided. It should be noted that within the literature review in chapter two, much more information regarding the Baha'i approach to administration and community development is described in specific detail as it pertains to the scope of this paper.


Public Administration | Religion