Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Sandra Basgall


Why a Producer Contact Representative Training Manual?

In an effort to better understand alternative trade and carry out the operations of Pueblo to People's Producer Contact Department, I have created this training manual. It is primarily intended to orient new Producer Contact Representatives to their job responsibilities. it also describes basic alternative trade issues and some activities of other ATOs, and could serve as a useful guide for anyone involved in alternative trade.

This is not a highly technical manual. It does not contain statistics and charts which convey specific survey results related to a particular topic. Instead, this guide is meant to be "user friendly" providing practical, step by step information to PtP's Producer Contact Representatives, other PtP staff, as well as other alternative traders.

What is Pueblo to People, and what does it do?

Since 1979, Pueblo to People, a nonprifit organization comprised of approximately twenty employees, has been collaborating with low-income artisans and farmers in Latin America. PtP chooses to collaborate with cooperatives or collectively organized groups as a way to encourage democracy in the workplace.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations