Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Sandra Basgall


Description of the Product:

The product prepared for this thesis is a project design. The project design is a complete five-year plan for the Kenya Church of Christ's agricultural development work in Kilifi District. It details: (a) background information on the organization, the beneficiary community, and the operating environment; (b) the specific problem to be addressed; (c) the approach of the project to solving this problem; (d) project goals and objectives; (e) the resources required to implement the project; (f) project monitoring and evaluation procedures; (g) the implementation schedule; (h) the implementation budget; and (i) project assumptions. The purpose of the Design is twofold: first, to provide project personnel a detailed planning framework for all aspects of project implementation; secondly, to provide a sound basis for preparing specific funding requests in the search for project funding. Inherent in that purpose is to serve the target community, the Agiriama people of Kilifi District, in the most effective way.


Agricultural and Resource Economics