Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Marla Solomon


This paper is an attempt to make a contribution to the subject of women empowerment. Empowerment has become another buzz word which, if not carefully defined, could mislead people in terms of what exactly is happening in any given situation. In many instances it is used to mean the end product. In this study of the ORAP family approach strategy, I have attempted to illustrate how ORAP uses empowerment as a process that is specific, measurable and adaptable.

As mentioned above, empowerment is capable of being measurable and evaluated as this study shows the extent of women's empowerment. One of the issues that came out strongly is the need to recognize the individuality of women and their needs yet remain part of the whole.

The study draws conclusion that ORAP family approach has been an empowering tool in the development process. It has empowered both marginalised men and women under certain conditions such as when extensive development dialogue on issues affecting either women only, men only, or both occurs. The approach however, recognizes the need for attitudinal changes on both parties and the ability to open up for new possibilities as key to power sharing resulting in democratisation of gender relations within the family.


Women's Studies