Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Marla Solomon


Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA) started a leadership development program in 1992. Progress and growth of leadership qualities of staff was never measured and evaluated, except by broad guesswork.

When applying for leadership or other grants, one of the questions prospective funding sources usually ask is how leadership development is evaluated at RCMA. The assessment tool was developed in response to this need and also as a way to determine for staff themselves how they are progressing.

The Leadership Evaluation Tool is based on the Leadership Training Manual which was developed by Thomas Moonan, PIM 47, as part of his Master's Thesis. It is divided into the same eight sections labeled Self-Understanding; Big Idea People; Leadership Styles; Organization; Communication; Team Building; Policies, Procedures, Budgets, Supervision; and Belief in Mission.

The work done by me to develop such a tool described in this paper, documents how such an evaluation instrument came into being: how it was established, tested and put into its final form. The tool also contains instructions how it may be adjusted to reflect future needs of the organization.


Organizational Communication | Strategic Management Policy