Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Geremie Sawadogo


The product includes two handbooks and an essay for Warren Wilson College's (WWC) International Development Program: 1) an International Development Field Trips handbook; 2) a handbook for trip leaders on the design and implementation of a field trip to the developing world; and 3) an essay which discusses experiential cross-cultural programs and their credit-worthiness within an undergraduate college curriculum.

The handbooks and accompanying theoretical discussion are primarily to provide reference and informational materials to the Warren Wilson College community. They are also intended to serve as a model for other schools to 1) consider including similar field trips in their education abroad program; 2) to (further) develop experientially based programs in the developing world; and 3) to present a philosophy that employs formats and approaches to education abroad that awards credit and acknowledges the value of experientially oriented, cross-cultural programs abroad.


International and Comparative Education