Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Charlie Curry-Smithson


The enclosed product, Community Sourcing: From Beginning to Success, was written to provide community residents with the key points and information they need to participate in a project design process in their community and ensure that any project implemented remain under community control. It was developed at the request of Project LIFE's board of directors (see letter from Bruce Smith) and is based on both the history of the development of Project LIFE as a community-based solution to an infant mortality problem, and on my own experience as executive director since arriving on the scene during the project's transition to independent status as a nonprofit corporation.

This thesis is laid out in three parts. Part I is the product itself, Community Sourcing: From Beginning to Success. This is intended to stand alone as a primer of key points on project design and for use by community residents in the Mission Hill community or other communities as the board of directors of Project LIFE sees fit. Part II is A Case Study of Project LIFE. It is the history of the development of the project and the critical role that community process played in its successful outcome. Part I, the product, highlights the key points of the Case Study. Part II is also meant to stand alone and be used as a detailed programmatic record of the project and as an orientation guide for new members of Project LIFE's board of directors. Part III is the analysis of the Case Study, with reference to citings by authors in the field as wel as a reflection on how the key points in Part I were developed out of the Case Study.


Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration