Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Karen Blanchard


After conceptualizing the idea of a guidebook, I realized that I had to establish the need for this product. I posed questions to the staff of Genesis and to a few volunteers. I asked every teacher and daycare worker if they could benefit from a guidebook concerning Hispanic culture. It was completely verbal, there did not exist a written questionnaire. The director agreed and so did the staff. The volunteers, many of which only have 2-3 hours of weekly contact with the students all said that they really did not understand Hispanic culture and that there were many questions in their minds.

I then extended the needs assessment to other Providence area agencies that serve Hispanics. I wanted to determine if there was a guidebook in existence and if not, could they use one. The contacts were mainly over the phone and a few were seen in person. Other agencies were: International Institute of RI, Literacy Volunteers of America, the United Way, Progreso Latino, Hispanic Social Services the Urban League, the Providence School Department, the Womens' Center of RI and Providence City Hall. Others were phoned but these are the agencies that said that the guidebook was an excellent idea and asked if they could have a copy when it was complete. These positive comments assured me that I should pursue the guidebook idea.


International and Intercultural Communication