Behind The Movement: The Strategic Plan Supporting a National Grassroots Effort to Mobilize Young People for Sustainable Social Change

Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

Annie Viets


This capstone paper is an inquiry into the 2008 strategic planning process at an organization called New Global Citizens (NGC) based in Phoenix, Arizona. NGC is a 501(c)3 organization operating in the United States, with a mission to educate, equip, and mobilize young people to help solve the greatest challenges of our time, namely those cited by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals plus two others. These include extreme poverty, HIV/AIDs, and gender equality to name a few. The inquiry methodology was comprised of a review of historical and current corporate documents, observations and discussions with staff, and an organizational culture survey given to everyone on the New Global Citizens team. The research findings indicate that the strategic planning initiative undertaken in December 2008 at New Global Citizens was a good attempt at short and long-term organizational planning, but was not a classic or complete strategic planning. The paper examines the organization and its processes through the McKinsey 7-S framework, and endeavors to provide sound conclusions and recommendations for NGC to grow and move forward. One of the major implications of this research for professional practice is that it provides an in-depth discussion on what strategic initiatives, specifically at non-profits, should look like and what kind of depth and breadth they should have if they are to be useful and effective. It also explains what challenges are faced in that process, and how organizations like NGC can soundly move forward to the next stage of their growth.


Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods

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