High Impact-Based Short Term Projects Monitoring and Evaluation (HIB-STP M&E)

Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

James Levinson


High Impact-Based Short Term Projects, often short term activities implemented within longer term projects, and generally focused on improving the caliber of project staff. Sometimes referred to as “projects within projects,” these activities also need to be carefully monitored and evaluated. The M&E system presented here seeks to provide an effective and efficient M&E approach for such capacity building and skills transfer projects. Such M&E maintains a focus on progress toward capacity building objectives utilizing specific indicators and frequent short-term checks on progress. Such indicators, measuring, for example, improved performance, can be utilized as early as a month from project inception. Integrating this capacity building and skills transfer into longer term projects can be carried out at any stage of the process to assure that project inputs, outputs, intermediate outcomes and impacts are optimized. Frequently, however, there is value in monitoring and evaluating the capacity building and skills training component independent of the long term project. The Capstone, which uses an education-related case study from Liberia, seeks to demonstrate the uniqueness of High Impact Based-Short Term Projects, and the special attention that their monitoring and evaluation deserves.


Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods

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