Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

Golam Samdani Fakir


This research paper is a case study on becoming an entrepreneurial business person. The problems the paper explores are the challenges in leading an entrepreneur’s life. The author studied the personality, skills, tools, and competencies needed to be a successful entrepreneur. The author interviewed three entrepreneurs about their personal motivations and outlooks on living the life of an entrepreneur. During the study the author incorporated his learnings into developing entrepreneurial businesses. The author observed and recorded how his transformation into an entrepreneur altered his lifestyle. The author made reflections from his experiences as an entrepreneur in formulating personal ideologies of entrepreneurship.

It was discovered that the best way to becoming a successful entrepreneur is research, cash flow, and a desire to continually learn throughout the process of business. The author found the competencies needed for an entrepreneur are confidence and an understanding that business failure is inevitable. The author also found that successful entrepreneurs are motivated by being able to control their lifestyle, generate income, and provide marketable business.

The author would like to learn more about running an online business through the process of internet marketing and drop shipping. The author feels that further research in internet marketing will be valuable to many aspiring entrepreneurs of the future. The author and the interview participants agree that the opportunity to fully operate business online will soon be necessary for many companies.

This paper also diagrams small business capital investment, company development, internet technology, web site design, web site activation, marketing, product research, product shipping, pricing, governance, and business affiliations.


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations