Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Golam Samdani Fakir


This paper provides a critical examination of the Human Resources Department of AACS to find out whether a well designed and functional Human Resources Department is a prerequisite of the high performance of an organization or not. The literature review illustrates the traditional and modern roles of the Human Resources Management and its important role for ensuring high performance of any organization. The email correspondence for survey questionnaire with eight employees and volunteers working in different capacities in the organization, the follow-up interviews and the AACS’s Employee Handbook were used and reviewed to gather data. Using the model of Ulrich’s four pillars, several arguments are made. The paper finds that AACS has the lack of funding that creates a weak organizational set up and various challenges such as understaffing, low staff motivation, long term strategic planning etc. The paper suggests that the high performance of AACS can be possible if a more structured and functional Human Resources Department is taken place. The paper concludes that AACS needs a good system like any other organization, through a well designed Human Resources Department and a functional Human Resource policy and program that includes training and development, legal compliance, selection, staffing and recruiting, internal communication, organizational development, labor relation, performance assessment and human resources planning.


Human Resources Management


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