Degree Name

MA in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations

First Advisor

Jeff Unsicker


Fifteen years after the democratic transition to a majority government in South Africa, promises of creating a more equitable country have not been realized, and in many places inequality has deepened. Social movements are leading the struggles of poor and working people to challenge the policies of the African National Congress, and address South Africa’s social inequalities with visions of their own. This paper discusses one social movement, the Golden Triangle Community Crisis Committee, and a South African NGO that is working to strengthen and support them, Khanya College. In particular, the paper is based on a joint project that was undertaken in 2008 between these two organizations, which involved a community survey, the results of which were written into a booklet for the community. In fulfillment of my Master’s degree in Social Justice at the SIT Graduate Institute, I worked with Khanya College, managing the advocacy project, coordinating the survey and co-authoring the booklet, The Housing Struggle in Freedom Park: A Socio-Economic and Cultural Survey Results. This paper examines the political and advocacy context of the project, the methods that were used, provides an analysis of the process and outcomes of the project and offers lessons related to social movements and advocacy. The booklet, a community-owned advocacy tool, is attached at the end of this document.


Inequality and Stratification


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