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MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Karen Blanchard


While taking a course in World Dance and Cultural Perspectives at Minnesota State University, Mankato taught by Dr. Julie Kerr-Berry, six dance educators presented their cultures through participatory dance classes. Their teaching methods were an extremely effective path toward gaining an appreciation of a person’s culture. The brilliance of each dance educator became even more apparent through these classes. Out of this discovery came the desire to interview them. When permission to interview them was received, they were asked about their experiences, thoughts, and activities which promoted learning about culture and people of the world through dance.

The findings revealed their early experiences with dance, what they did once they embraced dance as a profession, and how they have used dance as a form of education for others. The data gathered from the interviews was organized based upon the similarities in their experiences and the differences in their views of dance as education.

The aim of this paper was, as Rossman and Rallis (2003) said, “. . . to enlighten” others as to the exceptional experiences these dance educators provide when they educate others about culture and life through dance. (p.20-21). This research can contribute to the lack of information available about world dance educators, and to garner support for their efforts.


Dance | International and Intercultural Communication


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