Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

William Hoffa


This research examines the phenomenon of globalization as it is impacting two differing groups of young foreigners living in Dharamsala, India during the spring of 2009. The research question was explored: How and why do the experiences of younger generation Tibetans born in Tibet differ from US study abroad participants in Dharamsala, India? Through phenomenological in-depth interviews, information was gathered from six younger generation Tibetans and four US study abroad participants. Questions focused on interviewee’s reasons for coming to Dharamsala and their experiences while there.

Conclusions drawn from research include: 1) although the education that is being sought, as well as the learnings received differ, both groups of young people are arriving in Dharamsala for the knowledge they can gain and educational purposes. 2) How and why the experiences of the two groups of interviewees living and studying in Dharamsala differ includes: the impacts of differing past and current home environments in the US and Tibet; differing options for mobility and migration in the past, present and future; current involvement in a meaningful learning experience as well as feelings of support and community presently; and existing and future opportunities available due to economic factors. Also concluded: globalization is impacting both research groups, its’ impacts perceived by interviewees as both negative and positive.

Findings may be of interest to those working with younger generation Tibetans or education abroad in Dharamsala, India. They also may be of interest to anyone working with refugees and displaced persons, or study abroad in general-- as findings may reflect larger global trends occurring where multiple cultures intersect. This study may also be of interest to those concerned with the impacts of globalization on differing groups of people, especially in regards to mobility and patterns of migration.


International and Comparative Education


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