Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

James Levinson


The Capstone paper discusses and analyzes the design and development of the Mutarara Livelihoods Recovery Project, World Vision Mozambique, in Mutarara District, Tete Province, Mozambique. The goal of this project is to strengthen the livelihoods of 3000 flood-affected households in high-risk areas of Mutarara district through the implementation of sustainable agricultural options. The outcome of this project is to improve the economic well-being of flood affected households through agricultural production by 1) Increased agricultural production of selected cash and food crops 2) Increased agricultural related income for targeted households and 3) Restored productive assets of target families/vulnerable groups. This project promotes an integrated multi-sectoral, geographically focused approach to addressing the livelihood insecurity and weakened productive capacity of vulnerable flood-displaced households in Mutarara district. This includes the establishment and or strengthening of community organizational capacity, agricultural inputs support and extension programming, as well as the establishment of micro-enterprises within the flood-affected communities. This programmatic paradigm addresses the short-term emergency needs of the displaced communities while building their capacities for sustainable growth. The key intent is to follow a holistic integrated approach towards disaster prevention and crisis mitigation through capacity building for households and resilience building for whole communities. It also aims to advocate for the government to establish good well-staffed social amenities such as roads, schools and clinic to further enhance the livelihoods of the target communities. This project design case study examines an inquiry process involving participant interviewing and observation, primary document analysis, and focusing on the ideals, constraints, and risks associated with a sustainable community recovery project.


Agricultural and Resource Economics


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