Degree Name

MA in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations

First Advisor

Ryland White


This paper discusses and analyzes my experience with training and design both before coming to PIM, during the on campus phase, as well as the reflective practice phase of PIM where I worked as a training consultant in Oaxaca Mexico. It includes my use of theoretical frameworks and discuss how I have come to understand their connection to practice based on my own experiences both positive and challenging during my time in Mexico.

I explain how I have come to my own philosophical understanding of the relationship between social justice and intercultural communication as well as my understanding of the term multiculturalism – a term I am still struggling with. I conclude by exploring the learning that occurred while writing this paper as well as my career plans in intercultural relations.

During my reflective practice I learned about competency based training design. Before leaving the on-campus phase of PIM, I acquired considerable experience in creating training designs. Through my Trainer of Trainer’s class, I worked diligently with a small group to create a design for an orientation at a multicultural school. We carefully explained our reasoning behind each step of the design. In my reflective practice phase of PIM however, I learned that there is not always a perfect connection between academia, or theoretical reasoning, and the real world, or practical application of theory.


International and Intercultural Communication | Politics and Social Change