Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Ken Williams


Transformational Leadership theory has been applied to school leadership. Recent research has shown specific kinds of leadership to be more effective in particular contexts. Transformational Leadership has been identified as more effective than other leadership styles in dynamic contexts such as a restructuring school. This research focused on how leaders at one restructuring school attempted to change school climate through professional development. This effort was evaluated according to a Transformational Leadership framework.

As a teacher in the school, I participated in professional development, attended meetings, took notes, conducted interviews and surveys, and reviewed existing research on the topics of transformational leadership, school climate, and professional development. All the data collected sought to answer the questions: How are school leaders using professional development to transform school climate at our school? Are they using an appropriate leadership style to achieve the desired change?

Findings showed that leaders used some transformational leadership skills to enact some successful transformation of school climate. An infusion of transformational leadership is called for however, since teachers identified many qualities of transformational leaders that they expected in their school leaders but which were not identified in the current leadership activities. Teacher leaders expressed a need for more communication, morale building and trust of teaching staff, and greater support for academic instruction.


Teacher Education and Professional Development