Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Richard Rodman


Western Michigan University’s (WMU) Summer Internship in Sydney (SIS) program is an international internship program designed specifically for business majors in the Haworth College of Business (HCOB). The program is designed to provide business majors an opportunity to simultaneously gain practical experience in their business discipline, as well as international experience to serve both their professional and personal development.

The development of the SIS program is a step toward offering more discipline specific international opportunities for business majors at WMU. The administration and faculty in HCOB emphasize preparing students for the ever increasing global business environment. The SIS program helps them work towards achieving this mission.

WMU will utilize AustraLearn, a third party provider, to provide the in-country logistical operations and to administer the internship placement of the students. Additionally, students who enroll in the SIS program are required to first complete the course BCM 4540: Intercultural Business Communication during the spring semester immediately before the summer internship in Sydney. Completing this course thoroughly prepares the students for the SIS program. This high level of preparation is in line with best practices in the field of international internship programs.


International and Comparative Education


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