Assessment of vocational training needs for animal husbandry in Qinghai Province of China

Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Charles Curry-Smithson


Qinghai is one of the five major pastoral areas and the largest province in China. Although Qinghai has a huge land mass and a small population, it is the poorest province in China. The overarching goal of vocational education in China has been officially defined as serving the socialist economic construction. In this paper, the author studies what kind of animal husbandry vocational training exists and is needed for Qinghai Province. The research methodology was composed of semi-structured interviews with administrators, teachers, students and focus groups of herds people. The respondents were from seven vocational training schools and three prefectures in Qinghai province. The conclusion is that the current livestock vocational training schools do not meet the needs of the herds people because of the lack of schools, rigor of the school entrance examination, and the abounding financial constraints for the herds people. These difficulties prevent the herds people from attaining animal husbandry vocational training.

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