This paper addresses the question: How do artists relate to emotional stress? The paper also addresses, how the artist experience provides information for those using art in the intercultural field. What elements such as culture and conflict affected their performance on a daily and life-long basis? And, how do they use art to relate to a larger community? The research methodology used was a qualitative approach centered on interviews. These interviews involved twelve artists who supplied answers about how art affect them emotionally due to stress. These individuals were from the United States, Venezuela and Germany. They consisted of painters, musicians, writers, singers, photographers, and sculptors. The age, race, religion or genders were not considered, since the purpose of this research, a study of how artists relate to emotional stress, was the focus. An attempt was also made to further understand the emotional factors that caused these artists to express themselves. This information was studied in order to find more effective ways to bridge cultural and communication gaps and to supply intercultural trainers, who use art in groups or organizations, with inspiration. As subjective as art may be, similarities and differences were found which concluded that art used in conflict transformation has valuable potential in the intercultural field.