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MA in International Education

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Richard Rodman


International agencies, such as UN HABITAT, recognize that we face an unprecedented opportunity---if we invest in young people, even in a small way, we can cause a ripple effect which will bring about positive economic, social and environmental change globally (Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN HABITAT, 2009).

This program, Egypt: Urbanization and Development, will invest in young people to provide them with educational experiences that will broaden and deepen their understanding of Arab culture and perspectives and expose them to the critically important issue of urban development. According to findings from UN HABITAT, the majority of humanity now lives in towns and cities and by 2030, two-thirds of the population will be living in urban areas (UN Habitat, 2010). To prepare for this shift in habitation, global leaders and citizens will be required to work across borders to implement plans and policies that will make cities livable and sustainable. This program will promote positive cross-cultural relationships between North Americans and citizens of the Arab World by enabling students to immerse into the local culture, learn from local perspectives, and improve their Arabic language skills.

The Egypt: Urbanization and Development Program has been created for SIT Study Abroad (SIT), a third-party provider that offers experiential education to college students across the United States. The program will expand SIT’s educational opportunities into Egypt, the most popular country in the Middle East region for study abroad students (IIE Study Abroad White Paper Series, 2009). According to research gathered by Open Door, interest in the Middle East and the Arabic language has increased during the last several years, creating a demand for more study abroad options in the region (IIE Open Doors Data on U.S. Study Abroad, 2010). The Egypt: Urbanization and Development Program will help meet the increased demand and underscore World Learning’s mission to “create a more peaceful and just world” (Weinberg 2009) by exposing students to the critical issue of urban development.


Growth and Development | International and Area Studies | International and Comparative Education


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