Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

William Hoffa


In an attempt to improve upon risk management policies and procedures specific to graduate students at the University of Florida (UF), this study was initiated to explore the policies at twelve peer universities to UF. The study used methods of reviewing documents, surveying, and interviewing by phone to explore the environment at other universities concerning this topic. Documents on the website for each university’s international office were analyzed and the administrator at the international office of each university was asked to participate. The information found was analyzed by highlighting the policies and procedures specific to graduate students at each university, comparing the policies and procedures, and then demonstrating the policies found in relation to what best practices in the field expect for undergraduate students. The study ends with suggestions given to universities for what they should consider when reconstructing their policies to meet these best practices and also to follow the universities that have well-developed systems in place.


Educational Administration and Supervision | International and Comparative Education