Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Linda Gobbo


This capstone examines the experiences of international alumni students that have transferred from the University of Wisconsin-Richland to a four-year university in Wisconsin. Through a survey of twelve participating students and six student interviews, international students described what transfer services helped them become prepared for their transfer into a four-year university. The types of research used included both phenomenology and case study dimensions. My research question was as follows: What might the UW-Richland‟s International Programs Office do to adequately prepare their international students for a four-year institution? The survey and interview findings revealed which student services that international transfer students felt were necessary to transfer. Some of these included the following: academic and cultural advising, orientation on the transfer system, and a supportive environment on campus. To obtain a wider lens of the services I also interviewed the International Programs Advisor. Overall, the findings of my research highlighted the importance of particular services that enabled international transfer students to be successful in their transfer process. Student interviewees also gave suggestions on what other services could be offered to better facilitate the transfer process.


International and Comparative Education


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