Humanitarian Security Management: A Case-Study Of Care International In The West Bank And Gaza Strip

Degree Name

MS in Management

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Aqeel Tirmizi


Over the past ten years the topic of humanitarian security management has developed due to the increasingly violent nature of the developing world. Humanitarian and development workers, both national and expatriate have to accept some of the risks associated with the important work they perform. Concurrently, the organizations they work for must do their best to mitigate the risks associated with working in unstable environments.

This research examines CARE International’s security management procedure in one of its theaters of operation, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This specific theatre of operation of-fers a unique example for the study of safety and security management because it illustrates the management procedures for two distinct safety environments, administered by one management model.

The research process began with a proposal, after which interviews were conducted with the CARE West Bank/Gaza employees in order to collect data. Data collected on the topics of safety and security management structure, the Gaza NGO Safety Office (GANSO), and em-ployee feedback regarding the two former topics was analyzed with literature and theory sur-rounding the subjects of organizational security, humanitarian security management, and security management. Brabant’s Operational Security Management in Violent Environments was a major source; it remains the seminal work in the field of humanitarian security management.

Findings included: identification of the horizontal structure of CARE West Bank/Gaza’s communications and emergency management, as well as the need for a culture of security throughout all of the CARE West Bank/Gaza offices. The research was conducted to provide feedback to CARE West Bank/Gaza for improvements in their safety and security management and to further the field of safety and security management in the global context.


Defense and Security Studies | International and Intercultural Communication | Peace and Conflict Studies | Place and Environment | Portfolio and Security Analysis

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