Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

William Hoffa


The evaluation plan for ProWorld Belize is intended to focus on the primary principles of service-learning, which include reciprocity between the community served and the service providers, as well as reflection on the interaction between the program participants and the community served. This plan aims to facilitate ProWorld’s mission to empower communities, promote social and economic development, conserve the environment, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens, by addressing the needs for mutual relationships and intentional self-reflection in service-learning. This plan offers assessment tools for including community partners in the evaluation process of ProWorld Belize’s programs and for evaluating the cross-cultural relationships between community members and participants. The plan also includes qualitative and quantitative methods for measuring the impact of a ProWorld Belize experience on participants’ learning and growth in relation to intercultural competence. Experiential learning and the pedagogical theory of interdependence encompass this evaluation plan. In providing opportunities for participants and community members to reflect on their interdependent relationships and consider the dynamics of power and privilege in evaluating their program experiences, ProWorld Belize will enable reciprocal learning to occur. The implementation of this evaluation process will contribute to the overall improvement of the programming for ProWorld Belize and its impact in the communities it serves.


Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | International and Comparative Education