Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

William Hoffa


The International House (I-House) at The College of New Jersey plays an integral part in welcoming international exchange students to New Jersey and the United States. It is a venue for international students to live and interact with TCNJ students on a daily basis. However, in previous years, the programming for the International House residents has been sparse. A living-learning community must successfully marry living with learning to ensure that students gain the full benefits of living with students from around the world.

Building a Global Village is an intercultural communication supplement to the International House experience that begins to address this need at The College of New Jersey. Using intercultural communication and holistic student development theories and principles of experiential learning, students will explore how their daily interactions with each other are influenced by their cultures and values. The curriculum draws from the tenets of Milton Bennett’s Intercultural Sensitivity Development scale and seeks to move students along this continuum. By providing International House residents with a structured calendar of intercultural communication workshops, student-led culture nights and pre-planned activities and trips, Building a Global Village in the International House will increase student participation and reflection of their experience in the I-House.


Educational Sociology | International and Comparative Education | Student Counseling and Personnel Services