Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

John Vogelsang

Second Advisor

Aqeel Tirimizi


This research is a deep dive into the historical narrative of businesses born from the Industrial Era, the problems that arise from this paradigm, and a proposition for a more evolved business model for the future. Based on the research of Carol Sanford and her Pentad framework for The Responsible Business, the researcher will illustrate how, by applying a Living Systems framework, twenty-first century business can realize the complexity of their relationships both internally and externally and add value to both.

The proposed solution goes beyond the concept of social entrepreneurship. This concept means many things to many people and often does not provide solutions to the root causes of the problems inspired by traditional corporations. Many businesses that claim to be social enterprises strive to offer improvements in the way they do business but often maintain the same, Industrial Era mindset, which results in only incremental improvement. This research is a pursuit in achieving systemic change. Essentially, I will provide an exploration towards answering the question, “How can businesses regenerate social and environmental systems while maintaining financial profitability?”

The conclusions of how businesses can add value to social and environmental systems was come to through an exhaustive survey, analysis and synthesis of the research out there as well as a more qualitative inquiry through interviews. The conclusions found in this research can help evolve the field of social entrepreneurship by providing a framework and analysis of how businesses can be designed and executed to be both profitable and responsible.


Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Other Business | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences

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