Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

John Vogelsang


Nongovernmental free vocational training for disadvantaged youth has been provided by various organizations in the world and has had a positive impact on the learners. This is also true in Vietnam.

However, how is the training geared to employment opportunities, designed to overcome challenges to learning and employment, and with what potential impact on the learners and communities. These questions have not been well answered.

This study examines the value of nongovernmental free vocational training in Hanoi city, Vietnam, which is in the middle of rapid economic development. Specifically, this study researched the future prospects of skill training in Japanese cooking by assessing the opportunities and barriers in teaching Japanese cooking skills to disadvantaged youth. The need of these skills is growing rapidly as there are 120 Japanese restaurants in Hanoi alone. This study highlights the growing need for skilled Japanese cooking chefs and the enormous potential to teach the skills to disadvantaged youth.


Disability and Equity in Education | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Human Resources Management | International and Comparative Education | Labor Relations | Marketing | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Other Education


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