Global Air Protection on Climate Change: The U.S. and Indonesia Air Quality Governance

Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Tom Fox


Climate change has emphasized the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-burning fossil fuels impact the environment and human health including Indonesia and the United States. Now, urban air pollution has become a global environmental problem from human activity. Urban air quality in most more-develop countries has improved as their societies have actively directed their governments to enforce air pollution controls.

This paper will examine how climate change can be reduced by the environmental policy of individual governments such as Indonesia and the United States. The history of Clean Air Act and its effects on air quality offer important lessons for Indonesia. The literature review will frame the thinking on environmental policy and urban air quality specifically highlighting the emission standard, air monitoring, health issues, economic impacts, and regulatory tools that can build sustainable communities through air quality management.

Key Words: air pollution, air emission, ambient air quality, climate change, community, monitoring, sustainability, sustainable development.


Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Policy | Growth and Development | Sustainability

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