Social Return on Investment Methodology- To Justify, Track, and Manage Socio-Economic Development Investments in Madagascar

Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

Aqeel Tirmizi


This Capstone is a case study of how Rio Tinto/ QMM (a mining company) has begun using Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to justify, track, and manage socio-economic development investments in order to maintain its social license to operate in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. Specifically, the Capstone paper is a forecast SROI analysis of Rio Tinto Scholarship Education Program (RISE) program. The paper assesses the social impact the RISE Scholarship program is likely to generate for its key stakeholders over a ten-year period.

The Rio Tinto Scholarship for Education Program is a joint effort by Rio Tinto and Pact to help provide children from the Anosy Region with access to quality education at three different levels: primary, secondary, and university.

The social return on investment is likely to be $4.89:$1 is the most appropriate conclusion that can be drawn from the RISE program over the next ten years. With better longitudinal data, the ratio should be higher.


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