Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Richard Rodman


Intercultural Communication in Brazil (IC Brazil) is a course-embedded program aimed at multicultural students by building off of the curriculum in one of the general education requirement courses at North Dakota State University (NDSU). It has been designed to fit within the confines of NDSU’s existing study abroad structure and uses a targeted approach to student recruitment that can be utilized by other faculty-leaders at NDSU, universities, and members of the IE field.

IC Brazil is an experiential learning course-embedded program that contains on-campus learning, fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro, and course reflections upon the students’ return. IC Brazil students study the theories of intercultural communication by Edward Hall and Geert Hofstede at NDSU and use this knowledge in various activities in Brazil. A general education requirement faculty member has been chosen as the program leader based on their network of students. The program’s alumni will later serve as student-to-student peer advisors for future recruitment for IC Brazil. Other universities can adapt NDSU’s targeted approach to multicultural student recruitment and expansion of course-embedded programs as a tool for their internationalization efforts.

Keywords: North Dakota State University, intercultural communication, Brazil


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education


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