Friendship Family Program: Community Integration at the Center for Marine Resource Studies

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Lynee Connelly


The School for Field Studies (SFS) offers biology coursework and research opportunities in field stations across the globe for higher education students interested in study abroad. SFS is a third party provider for which community reciprocity is one of the pillars of its programs. Turks and Caicos Islands have hosted the Center for Marine Resource Studies (CMRS) station on the small island of South Caicos for twenty years. Throughout the years, CMRS has continued to integrate into the community in a variety of methods.

CMRS is one of SFS’ most active centers within its host community; however a need still exists for a more integrated program. The Friendship Family Program partners students and local families together to give students a better understanding of the new culture and the families a better understanding of CMRS. The program facilitates student learning in order to maximize the experience through continued meetings and check-ins. Activities and conversations are the pillars of the visits. With this program, the participants are able to understand more of the culture and history of South Caicos while maximizing their study abroad experience.

Key words: friendship family, community, integration


International and Comparative Education | International and Intercultural Communication

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