Romani Studies: Exploring Gypsy Culture and Society Program Proposal for Barcelona SAE

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Raymond Young

Second Advisor

Janet Thomas


The study of Romani (Roma) people dates back to 1888, yet study of this ethnic minority group are still underrepresented within academia and international education programs. The following Course Link Capstone proposes a new study abroad program offering based in Barcelona, Spain to the director of Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (SAE). The program, titled “Romani Studies: Exploring Gypsy Culture and Society”, will have a curricular focus on the Roma in Spain. The curriculum will focus on the history of Roma, the adversities they face as a European minority, as well as examine their rich cultural heritage. A needs assessment provides evidence that there is a need for the proposed program and aims to convince the director to adopt the Romani Studies course to Barcelona SAE’s customized program offerings.


Community-Based Research | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Educational Sociology | International and Comparative Education

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