Leaving a Legacy. Jacksonville University: Freshman Experience Abroad, England

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Sora Friedman

Second Advisor

Janet Thomas


This document is a proposal for a second Freshmen Experience Abroad (FEA) program for International Education Programs (IEP) at Jacksonville University. This program will send incoming freshmen to England in collaboration with the Freshmen Year Experience JU 101 course curriculum. Due to the immense success and enrollment growth in the three years of FEA Costa Rica, IEP is proposing a second international experience to run simultaneously; challenging incoming freshmen, fostering friendships, and developing more independent and confident students before they begin their on-campus orientation.

For a fee of $3,187, airfare included, students will volunteer with international students, visit world-renowned organizations, independently navigate the city of London, and build a stronger sense of identity that can inspire change on Jacksonville University’s campus. Students will create lasting relationships with peers and faculty alike, easing the daunting transition of high school to college.

Aligning with Jacksonville University’s Quality Enhancement Plan, offering another Freshmen Experience Abroad to the curriculum has the potential to engage a larger pool of university applicants, enhance retention rates, heighten global awareness, and develop leadership skills in the 2015 cohort.

The following proposal further explains the logistical, academic, and administrative components needed to operate this program in August of 2015.


Other International and Area Studies

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