UF in Madagascar: Creating a Short-Term Faculty-Led Program for the University of Florida

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

William Hoffa


Undergraduate students studying life sciences at the University of Florida have few opportunities to study abroad; however, biodiversity loss and preservation of the world’s ecosystems are at the core of their studies. UF in Madagascar - Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainable Development is a four-week faculty-led study abroad program providing life science majors with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in Madagascar. This program will not only offer students a rare opportunity to experience one of the world’s most biologically diverse landscapes, but it will engage students in Malagasy culture and allow them to explore the human element of conservation. Students will travel from the southwest coast to the east coast exploring the island's geographic and cultural diversity. Through guest lectures, visits to national parks, and fieldwork, students will critically examine the current conservation efforts and sustainable development practices of organizations working in Madagascar, while theoretical underpinnings in holistic and transformative experiential learning bring purpose and reflection to their experiences.


African Studies | Biodiversity | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education | Life Sciences | Natural Resources and Conservation

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