Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Dr. Ray Young


The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) is a community college and is one of the fastest growing educational institutions in the state. The college enrolls, on average between 40 to 60 international students per academic year. CSI and the neighboring Refugee Center contribute to the community’s cultural diversity. There are numerous benefits for both international and domestic students to attending CSI. Those advantages include higher acceptance rates, lower required English proficiency scores, reduced tuition costs, and smaller class sizes. In addition, students are able to transfer to a larger university if they feel compelled to obtain a higher degree.

Currently, the International Student Services Office (ISSO) is a one-person office. The ISSO’s goals include developing and coordinating holistic services to enhance the international student experience. Recently, the ISSO was tasked with creating a new, more encompassing international student orientation. Beginning in fall of 2015, the ISSO staff met with the Registrar and Associate Dean of Students to discuss the importance of international student engagement, cultural adjustment, and learning intercultural communication and competency skills.

This proposal explores the current model and recommends the need for the complete redesign of the international student orientation at CSI. The proposed full-day orientation will focus more attention on international students’ specific needs, cultural adjustment, and the development of cross-cultural communication skills.


International and Comparative Education