Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Raymond Young


Since 1932, The Experiment in International Living (The Experiment or EIL) has been one of the most respected front-runners for providing high school educational programs that strengthen cultural awareness and engage and empower participants to think critically about global issues. Since its inception, over 70,000 students have participated in an Experiment program (World Learning, 2016a). Experience gained working as a group leader for The Experiment in summer 2015 helped in the development of a needs assessment that uncovered a significant gap in thematic offerings. Examining the STEM trends in the international education field and interviewing staff on requirements and issues in programming and curriculum, the following proposal strongly demonstrates the need for a new hard science-focused program for The Experiment in International Living.

This proposal focuses on the development of a new STEM-focused outbound summer program to Iceland with an excursion to Greenland. Iceland’s location in the Arctic Circle and proximity to Greenland make it an excellent location for students to learn about climate change, geology, and sustainability. Following The Experiment structure, this proposal outlines the curriculum, goals and objectives, itinerary, and budget for the Energy, Sustainability, and the Environment in Iceland program. This is a four-week outbound summer high school program that offers students a unique opportunity to explore Iceland’s diverse geology, topography and unique historic use of geothermal energy and hydropower.


International and Comparative Education | Science and Mathematics Education