Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Carrie Wojenski


This study examines the importance teachers place on teaching intercultural competencies in a Common Core State Standards (CCSS) based curriculum. In addition, this study explores how teaching intercultural competence is evident in their daily instruction. The purpose of this capstone is to understand what professional development and additional resources are required for teachers to learn the knowledge and skills to effectively incorporate intercultural competencies into their daily instruction. A qualitative approach was used to gather data for this study. Data was obtained from interviews with Franklin Academy teachers. Responses were analyzed using Deardorff’s (2008) Pyramid Model of Intercultural Competence and the intercultural competence indicators as a frame of reference. Findings suggest that although Franklin Academy teachers believe it is very important that their students are interculturally competent, there was little evidence demonstrating how such knowledge and skills were implemented in their instruction. In addition, further in-depth professional development and additional available resources were highly recommended by the participants to help improve teaching intercultural competence. However, the majority of teachers were unable to provide specific examples of professional development they would like to see made available. The results of this study have implications for teaching a CCSS based curriculums because the findings support the notion that intercultural competencies need to be embedded into the curriculum in order to prepare U.S. students to become interculturally competent. This study can be used by stakeholders to better understand the importance of including intercultural competence in the CCSS, as well as the necessity of providing professional development and additional resources for teachers. Additionally, findings provide ideas regarding specific additional resources that would benefit educators teaching intercultural competencies.

Keywords: Intercultural competence indicators, interculturally competent students, Common Core State Standards, professional development, model of intercultural competence


Curriculum and Instruction | Elementary Education and Teaching | International and Comparative Education