Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Dr. Raymond Young


This paper is a program proposal for an ongoing intercultural training program for boarding house leaders at Mossgate Preparatory School (MPS). High turnover rates for house leaders at MPS have been linked to conflict and frustration related to living and working in a multicultural environment. A Multicultural Competency questionnaire was distributed to 2014-15 MPS house leaders, and the results showed that approximately half of all house leaders had never received any sort of intercultural training. In order to address this need, the TripL Program was conceived.

Through initial and ongoing trainings conducted for all house leaders at MPS, the TripL Program will promote cross-cultural communication, cultural awareness information for living in a multi-cultural community, acculturation stress, effective conflict-resolution techniques, team building and community development. House leaders will also gain insight into the teenage brain and ethnic identity development. TripL will strengthen the house leader community, and in turn the individual boarding house communities they live and serve. Finally, house leaders will be able to build stronger, healthier relationships with and between students in their houses. MPS students, in turn, will benefit from being supported in learning how to successfully and harmoniously live in a multicultural environment, making them better global citizens.


Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching | Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | International and Comparative Education | Other Teacher Education and Professional Development