STEM 1+2+2 Program: A Proposal for Saudi Arabia Ministy of Higher Education and the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques Scholarship

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MA in International Education

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Lynee Connelly


The Saudi Arabian Scholarship has gone through many changes since its establishment in 2005 by King Abdullah. For many years it was called the King Abdullah Scholarship Program, KASP, and was administrated by the Ministry of High Education (MOHE). The scholarship was recently renamed in its 19th stage the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship Program. The program gives Saudi citizens complete scholarships to overseas universities for undergraduate and graduate degrees, starting with up to a half year of English as Second Language training. The scholarship includes a monthly stipend which is awarded to the students and their family, a full scholarship that covers all academic expenses, medical and dental coverage, complimentary round trip tickets for the students and their families to return to Saudi Arabia once a year, academic supervision, rewards for obtaining a high GPA, allowances for scientific materials, allowances for private tutor fees, and allowances for special needs.

STEM 1+2+2 Program is a redesign and rethinking of the program to assist with student success and applies Jack Mezirow’s, Transformative Learning Theory to the program. STEM 1+2+2 Program will provide scholarships to highly-talented Saudi students to complete undergraduate degrees at top-tier US universities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM, field following building a strong foundation at a community college.

The Community College Consortium will administer the STEM 1+2+2 Scholarship program for new cohorts from 2007-2010 as a pilot program. The program will enable talented undergraduates Saudi Arabian students in science and technology globally to pursue entrance in a top university after they have built their skill in the classroom and outside the classroom at four community colleges that are part of Community College Consortium.

Program success is when these students are able to successfully complete their bachelor degrees in the STEM fields and take the skill they learned in the USA back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The other success will be when these students are able to successfully able to get job in the STEM fields in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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